Liverpool MUST find a world-class Gerrard replacement

The word crisis seems to have haunted Liverpool through much of their season.

From the moment it became apparent Luis Suarez was leaving, it the club has been in a state of turmoil, lurching from one problem to the next, from Loic Remy's heart condition, to the permanent circus that is Mario Balotelli.

Steven Gerrard's decision to quit Anfield at the end of the season though, dwarfs all of those problems, overshadows even the Champions' League exit and their worst Premier League start in 20 years.

Losing their skipper finally allows the word crisis to be used in its proper context. Not that the Reds are in a state of meltdown, far from it, but without question, they have reached a crisis point in their season...a point that will define the immediate future of the club.

Put simply, without Gerrard next season, they will have to find a world class replacement in the summer, a true leader on the pitch and someone who can offer the same set-piece expertise the captain provides.


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